Information for Presenters

At this time, all notices of acceptance/rejection of abstracts have been sent out. If still have not received a communication from the IMRF 2018 organizers regarding your abstract, please contact us at


Talk formats

Speakers presenting during symposia should contact the symposia organizer to talk formats. Speakers for general sessions should aim for a 12 minute talk + 3 minutes for questions.


Poster dimensions

Maximum poster size should be limited to 94 cm wide x 183 cm tall (3 feet wide x 6 feet tall). You may configure your poster as best fits these dimensions. We provide a recommended and maximum size guideline below.

We also have a few example poster templates available for download. Presenters are not required to use these templates, they are provided merely for convenience.


Example dimensions

Poster template 1 (.pptx download)

Poster template 2 (.pptx download)

Multisensory Research: Special Issues

Several special issues of Multisensory Research will be emerging from IMRF 2018. If you are interested in submitting a paper to one of these special issues, please contact the guest editors

  • Jeannette Mahoney and Michael Barnett-Cowan: Multisensory Integration and Aging
  • Daniel Chebat: Multisensory Space Perception
  • Krishnankutty Sathian and Charles Spence: Cross-Modal correspondences and language
  • Marc Ernst and Irene Senna: Recovery from blindness.
  • Daphne Maurer: Development of multisensory integration.