4th Annual Meeting of the International Multisensory Research Forum
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Overview of the Conference
The three-day meeting will include:
  • 3 symposia
  • 2 poster sessions
  • 3 paper sessions
  • 2 keynote addresses
  • Ample opportunity for integrative discussion.

All sessions will be plenary with the exception of a short series of round table discussions aimed at addressing several key issues raised at the last meeting, including:

  • What evidence exists for superadditivity in Humans?
  • How do we distinguish between top-down and bottom-up influences in our effects (human and animal)?

and new cutting edge ideas introduced by the participants before and during the meeting. Following the conference, there will be a web-based continuation of discussion on these topics and those raised by the presentations.

Judging from the previous meetings, this promises to be an exciting and innovative meeting which will help to further define the direction and scope of the International Multisensory Research Forum.

Conference Proceedings:

The proceedings from the conference will be published in a special issue of the journal Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioural Neuroscience put out by the Psychonomic Society.

  • Short reports, empirical submissions and one or two review articles will be considered.
  • There will be competition for space so not all submissions will be accepted.
  • All submissions will undergo rigorous peer review.
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